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Small parts cleaning - series VL GE

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The machine type VL GE is on one hand for the cleaning of small parts by charge, pipes and bulk goods in euro crate boxes and on the other hand for the take up of heaviest parts, e. g. motor blocks, that have to be turned and/or swung during the washing process.

The cleaning machine offers the optimal possibility for bulk goods and parts with complicated surfaces (blind hole drills, channels etc.), that have to be turned during the washing process because of their structure.

By the use of intermediate layer or a clamping cover inside the crate box sensitive parts can be limited/fixed in its movement.

Depending on the equipment of the machine and the kind of assembly with the washing goods simple interim cleaning can be made as well as cleanest surfaces, e. g. for the coating or bonding.

In standard the loading and unloading of the crate boxes will be carried out over a front rack, optional also by mobile trolleys or directly (e. g. fork lift truck).

The cleaning machines of this series can be operated in the warm/watery
area (series W) or in an special version also with cold cleaning agents/solvents
(series K) or with an indirect heating for the use of a mixture of 20 % hydrocarbon and 80 % water.