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Combined machine – series AM

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The series AM as combined machine for automatic and manual cleaning is a modified version of the standard series W/K. The machines have been developed especially for the use in the repair area and for the processing, pre- and post-treatment of highly complicated parts geometries. The AM-version is available from machine size 60 on.

Cleaning machines of the series AM are equipped with the following additional components on base of the serial machines:

  • cover with window, lighting and gauntlets
  • pump with hand pistol ca. 3 – 6 bar with high litre output (e. g. for pressure rinsing of oil channels and oil pipes in crankshafts or motor blocks)
  • washing brush, medium flooded
  • compressed air blow off pistol
  • movable and removable perforated sheet (at type W/K 80 AM)
  • optional: high pressure pump 100/160 bar for removal of persistent dirt
    (e. g. oil coal)
  • front isolation

On base of the machine version AM also further combination possibilities with components of other series are feasible.
E. g. these machines can be equipped with a turning device (series C) to cover also a wide parts spectrum.

Because of the manual use and the corresponding EU-norms the loading heights of the single machine types increases.

To suit the working height of the machine to the ergonomical differences of the operators the machine can be equipped with an extensible step. On request also an electrohydraulical lifting table (for the operator or the machine) available.

The cleaning machines of this series can be operated in the warm/watery
area (series W) or in an special version also with cold cleaning agents/solvents
(series K) or with an indirect heating for the use of a mixture of 20 % hydrocarbon and 80 % water.