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Small parts cleaning - series T

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The machines of this series are for the cleaning of small parts by charge, where varied requirements can be met by the different versions.

The drum cleaning machine "T" is fort he cleaning/degreasing of bulk goods (small parts), that will be reversed by the turning move.

The washing good will be filled into the inclined drum by the front opening.

In standard the octagonal drum is made of perforated sheet with a hole diameter of 5 mm. By using the two handles the drum can be taken out of the machine by hand. Likewise an automatic feeding is possible.

Beside the washing drum also customer specified versions are possible, e. g. a device for washing good boxes or baskets. Depending on the form of the drum and its structure it is possible to meet special requirements at cleaning/chip removal of small parts.

The drive of the drum (device for the washing goods) takes place by a gear with infinitely variable speed control to adjust the turning speed to the sensitivity of the washing goods.

The cleaning machines of this series can be operated in the warm/watery
area (series W) or in an special version also with cold cleaning agents/solvents
(series K) or with an indirect heating for the use of a mixture of 20 % hydrocarbon and 80 % water.