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Principal of function and applications


The medium will be suctioned by a filter before the washing pump and sprayed by a three-dimensional nozzle-pipe-system on the parts that have to be cleaned. The washing goods are on a horizontally rotating turning basket or inside a turning device in a small parts basket (crate box) – so the parts will be sprayed from all sides.

Spraying/circulation process

By the spraying/circulation process almost any task in the sector "cleaning/degreasing" can be solved.
Most of the commercial cleaning agents are suitable for the use in a cleaning machine.
The procedure is usable for the warm as well as for the cold cleaning.

Purpose and range of application

  • New parts production:
    Degreasing, chip removal, phosphating, interim cleaning or preparation for the further process/painting, galvanization, end cleaning.
  • Repair:
    Degreasing, chip removal, cleaning, removal of oil coal, crusts and persistent dirt, paint removal, interim or end cleaning for further process or for the re-use.
  • Paint stripping

Rinsing / Drying

Depending on the kind of further process perhaps one or more rinsing cycles (ECO-rinsing for minimal water consumption, cycle-rinsing with additional tank etc.) and/or a drying (blow off with cold compressed air, warm- and hot air drying) necessary.

Working procedure

  • spraying/circulation process
  • dipping bath
  • oszillation
  • ultrasonic

suitable to the requirements

Working method

  • by charge
  • in-line/continous
  • on-line

suitable to the requirements

Cleaning mediums

  • watery cleaning mediums
  • solvents/cold cleaning agents
  • water-/solvent-mixture
  • and others

Lengthening of operating times and recycling of the cleaning mediums

A lengthening of the operating times and recycling of the cleaning mediums is possible by different equipment (accessories) in the machine technique:

  • oilskimmer
  • phase separation
  • mud separation/chip removal
  • microfiltration
  • ultrafiltration
  • destillation
  • etc.

Consider the following at disposal of the cleaning mediums:

  • storage at site (need of space, legal rules)
  • disposal costs