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Your specialist for cleaning technology in stainless steel

Degreasing machines | Metal cleaning machines | Cleaning machines | Parts cleaning machinesCleaning machines became indispensable in view to their rationality, environmental and user friendliness in industry and trade. Since more than 35 years we are successfully positioned in the sector "industrial automatic cleaning machines in stainless steel".

Cleaning problems of different applications can be solved individually with our machines, like metal cleaning machines, degreasing machines, cleaning machines for industrial parts cleaning or paint stripping machines.

We develop, construct and produce automatic cleaning machines, metal cleaning machines, degreasing machines as well as drum cleaning machines according to customer specifications.

Flexibility to your requirements

Industrial, automatic cleaning machines, metal cleaning machines, degreasing machines etc. apply to varied uses in the different industrial sectors. We will gladly make you an individual offer for e. g. metal cleaning machines, drum cleaning machines, paint stripping machines. Thereby our highly trained employees can make a tailor-made product for any customer.
Because of our experience optimal automatic cleaning machines can be designed.

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