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Basic program - series WE

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The cleaning machines of the series WE can not be assembled individually or customized according to special norms (e. g. sensors). Subsequent process steps as rinsing, drying etc. are also not possible.

The set basic version includes:

  • machine body, pipe system inside and washing basket in stainless steel
  • electronically regulated basket drive
  • level control
  • removable filter sheet
  • week timer for heating/oilskimmer

Additionally the basic version can be add with the following accessories:

  • automatic filling supplement
  • steam exhaust
  • oilskimmer
  • drain device/bottom rinsing/tap valve
  • transport system for extractable washing basket
  • AM-version: automatic und manual cleaning inside the closed system
    (optional high pressure).

The cleaning machines of the series WE can not be customized individually or adapted to a customer-specified standard (e. g. sensors). Subsequent working Stepps as rinsing, drying etc. are not possible.

Therefore the individual machine sizes of this series can be produced economically in small series and delivered from stock usually.

In view on the quality and lifetime there are no differences to the industrial versions.

The cleaning machines of this series can be operated in the warm/watery
area (series W) or in an special version also with cold cleaning agents/solvents
(series K) or with an indirect heating for the use of a mixture of 20 % hydrocarbon and 80 % water.